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Google Play Family category finally arrived

Google promised much easier and exciting family category on Play Store on I/O 2015. They made it live today. There are now specific category of apps and games to enjoy with family. Thousands of contents to choose from. Even there is a spotlight category on Disney. They are all family safe.

Google Play Family Category screenshot

App listing now showing Ad-supported family app · Offers in-app purchases, mostly Disney yet. Other developers will be joining the pool soon too.

Ad-supported family app arrived in Play StoreThe Family category in Google Play Store has some subcategories as well. The following subcategories created with the launch:

Ages 5 & Under, Ages 6-8, Ages 9 & Over, Action & Adventure, Brain Games, Creativity, Education, Music and video, Pretend play.

So, you can find appropriate apps for your kids, or apps based on their ages. Popular characters contains plenty of high rated apps for kids from top-level developers and companies like Disney & LEGO.

The family home has plenty of subsections. You can even find Top Charts, where there are Top Family, Top Selling Family and Top Grossing Family apps are listed. For the New Releases, you will find Top New Family, Top Selling New Family section.

Some of the apps offers in-app purchases. How you can control? Google didn’t stop there, they went ahead and created a “Parent Guide to Google Play” page, where you can find all the ansers and get help. Don’t forget to check the page for useful information, if you are a parent and sharing your tablet with your kids.


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