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How to disable auto adding icon to your Home screen each time you install an app from Play Store?

Google Play Store by default creates a new shortcut icon on Home screen after installing a new app in your phone or tablet. Sometimes it adds a new home screen on the right if there is no space left on the previous screen. If you are person who personalises their home screen and properly curate, then it can be somewhat annoying. Removing the icons manually is not a proper answer. But you can tell Play Store app not to do that, and this is the best and easiest way. Below is the way how to do it.

Quick process

Play Store > Settings > untick “Add icon to Home Screen”

Disable auto adding icon to home screen

Easy step-by-step process

  1. Open Play Store app
  2. Open the side-bar by tapping on three lines at top left corner or by sliding your finger from left edge to right
  3. Click Settings
  4. Untick the second option which says “Add icon to Home screen”

Now there will be no more new icons on your home screen after installing a new app from Play Store. This way you can keep your home screen clean as well.

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