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Play Store 6.0 Comes With New and Updated Design

Google Play Store 6.0 comes with new design change. The updated started rolling out, users are getting the new 6.0.0 version. But, this does not enable the new design, Google has to push the switch from their server side. I downloaded and updated my Play Store once it was available, and didn’t see any difference. After few days, I found the new Play Store has been enabled for me from the server side. This is a complete re-design along with material theme. Check the images below to find out some of the major changes.

Play Store 6.0 Apps and Games Section

Play Store 6.0 Entertainment Section

Play Store 6.0 Side Menu

Play Store 6.0 My Account

Some of the pages still look similar with small change.

Play Store 6.0 My Apps and Games page

Play Store 6.0 Settings page showing build version

If you don’t have it yet, download the latest version from our Play Store Download page. Install it and wait for Google to flip the switch. It should be sooner because they already started the rollout and a lot of users already got it.

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